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Fortson 4-H Center: Environmental Education

Fortson Farm & Adoption Program

The Fortson 4-H Center Educational Farm

The Farm at Fortson 4-H Center has been exceling to new heights.  The Summer Camping and Environmental Education Program have both used the farm as a teaching tool.  We are now opening the Farm up to the community—as a community outreach for basic education on growing fruits and vegetables and raising livestock.   

sheep twixThe Fortson 4-H Center Farm is centered around a curriculum called "Farm to Plate" where young people learn the importance of agriculture and where different types of food come from.  The animal part of the farm includes:  chickens, peafowl, turkeys, sheep, goats, and a pot-bellied pig.    The farm is growing and we are adding a garden as part of the curriculum.   The garden will include different fruits and vegetables that participants in the class will use to make smoothies as part of the class, “Farm to Plate.”   

Through the new partnership with Georgia 4-H and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) we are incorporating a zoonotic diseases class that encompasses the farm as well as the herpetology lab.  Zoonosis are diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans, what a great opportunity we have to enhance this partnership with the CDC and educate young people and the general public on best practices for staying safe around all types of animals. 

turkeyMany of the young people that come to Fortson 4-H Center through the 4-H Summer Camping or Environmental Education Programs have never seen a chicken up close or petted a sheep or fed a goat, it is a wonderful opportunity and experience young people get at Fortson 4-H Center. Schedule a visit to the farm today for your school, family, or just you!!

Fortson 4-H Center Adopt-An-Animal Program

Fortson 4-H Center is pleased to offer an Adopt-An-Animal Program, designed to help alleviate the cost of care and maintenance for our animals. While our love for the animals is infinite, our budge is not! By your donation, you can help supplement the already top-notch care they receive. An adoption period last for one year from the date you adopt.

Adoption packages come with the following:

  • an official certificate announcing adoption
  • a full color information sheet loaded with fun facts about your animal
  • a one day classroom experience at your school with your adopted animal
  • your name featured on our website under "Proud Parents"

The animals that are up for adoption are listed at this link:

Herpetology Animals Available for Adoption

Fortson Farm Animals Available for Adoption

To begin the adoption program, complete the form at this link:

Adopt-An-Animal Registration Form


Fortson 4-H Center Adopt-An-Animal Program Proud Parents

Mt. Carmel Elementary School--Peacock,

Adopted in honor of Dr. Jones receiving her doctorate degree! The peacock now has a new name: "Dr. Jones"


Jim & Ina Hopkins--Pygmy Goat,

Adopted as a Christmas Present for Sam and Willette Strickland


McDonough Elementary School 3rd grade--"Smiley," a yellow-bellied pond slider,

Adopted by the 3rd grade class of McDonough Elementary School


Paulding County Extension 4-H--"Twix" and "Creme," Babydoll Sheep,

Adopted by Paulding County Extension 4-H


2014 Clover Glove Races Series Runners that completed more than 60 races:

Roger Keel--"Molly", the Miniature Mule

Donnie Chaffin--"Mr Feast", the Royal Palm Turkey

Mark Chaffin--"Jill", the Pygmy Goat

Kathy Givens--"Twix", the Babydoll Sheep

Chris Scammon--"Daisy", the LaMancha Goat

Linda Zeeman--"Snowflake", the Peacock

Sarah Wishnietsky--"Minnie", the Silver-laced Hen

Brenda Gail Wall--"Sue", the Americana Hen

Troy Garland--"Oreo", the Lion Head Rabbit


Lindsey Hayes--"Oreo" the Lion Head Rabbit,

Adopted as a gift for Miller Hayes


Kathryn Woodworth--"Littlefoot" the White Chinese Goose