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Fortson 4-H Center:Environmental Education

EE Program Teacher Checklist

The following is a suggested timeline to follow when planning for your Environmental Education field study.

Download the information below in a PDF

Within 6 Weeks of Receiving Contract

  1. Sign contract and return with a nonrefundable deposit of $300 or 10% of total, whichever is greater.

Four Months in Advance

  1. Make arrangements and host a parent/chaperone meeting. Optional: Contact the Center Director, Alex Bond, if you would like a representative from the Center to give a presentation at the meeting.
  2. Mail information letters and permission slips to parents/guardians
  3. Start any fundraising activities
  4. Arrange insurance coverage for the trip through your school or your local County Extension Office. Fortson 4-H Center can help arrange this contact if needed.

Two Months in Advance

  1. Discuss preordering T-shirts for the entire group. Styles and sizes can be found on our website.
  2. Review class descriptions on the website and choose classes
  3. Submit Class Request Form to Fortson 4-H Center (no later than 30 days in advance)
  4. Make transportation arrangements
  5. Plan school-led activities and evening programs
  6. Reserve necessary facilities and equipment for school-led activities

One Month in Advance

  1. Submit any changes in numbers to avoid incurred charges
  2. Preorder T-shirts (no later than two weeks in advance)
  3. Email any requests for changes in schedule to Fortson 4-H Center
  4. Handout packing checklist

Two Weeks in Advance

  1. Notify Fortson 4-H Center of any changes in numbers, food allergies or special needs
  2. Review rules and expectations with students and participating adults
  3. Have proper school issued checks arranged for EE program and T-shirt payments. T-shirt payments by check must be made separately to “Georgia 4-H Foundation.”